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Because we proudly support our nation's workers and critical industry businesses, we strive to support them in every way we can. We carry work boots that support every industry, including oil and gas, agriculture, construction, warehousing, mining, and more. We also offer a Commercial Accounts program that gives businesses nationwide and their workers quick and convenient access to the essential gear they need. And in each of our stores, our team of in-store boot experts offers in-person tips guiding you through the process of selecting the right boots for your specific work needs, from determining the proper fit to selecting the right boot.

Selecting The Right Boot


Choosing the right type of work boot is essential for safety, comfort, and support. Determining how to choose the right type of work boot is a process as every jobsite requires different needs. Several factors contribute to selecting the right boot, from which type of safety toe is best to whether you need a lace-up or pull-on style, to the right outsole.


The toe of the work boot is one of the most important aspects of safety. Steel or composite toe work boots provide the best protection from workplace accidents.

Steel toe is a heavy-duty safety toe. If you are looking for raw, sheer strength with maximum durability, the steel toe is by far the strongest material. They are also heavy in weight. In comparison to the other safety toe types, steel has the heaviest toe cap. But it also provides the best protection from falling objects.

Composite safety toes meet the same safety spec as steel toes but are lighter in weight. They are also metal free and thus do not conduct electricity, making them electric hazard rated. Composite toes also pass through metal detectors as they are non-metallic, an ideal feature for those who work in environments where they walk through a metal detector several times a day.

Lace-Up or Pull-On


Choosing the right pair of work boots depends on two major factors: the environment of the jobsite and the intensity of the work. Pull-on boots are ideal for those who work on an oil rig or are a welder. Lace-up work boots are better suited for those who spend long hours standing or walking on concrete or construction sites.


The outsole of the work boot is home to most of the technical features. The outsole of the boot provides you with oil-, slip-, and chemical-resistance, as well as non-marking properties. Wedge outsoles are good for traction and to reduce pressure when standing for long periods of time. For the best foundation, select a boot with a Vibram outsole.

Work Boots


Boot Barn has two handcrafted work brands, Cody James and Hawx. Cody James and Hawx work boots are built with the best materials and the latest technical features, including advanced technology comfort insoles. The Cody James Xero Gravity Xyclone Insole features a memory foam footbed along with heel pods for maximum comfort and support. They also offer shock and moisture control. The Hawx Ground Support Insole is built with a light weight EVA foam footbed. This insole is also engineered to handle temperature control by channeling air through grooves in the foam. Both Cody James and Hawx work boots provide sturdy footing and advanced stability.

Boot Barn Work

We carry 500,000 pairs of work boots nationwide, including women's work boots in every store, and we have over 1,700 styles of work boots in-store and online from all the top work brands.

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