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From the Roots

We are a heritage brand that welcomes the ingenuity of the product and the people who call us home. At Boot Barn we say that our customers feed America, protect America, and build America. That is why we have an uncompromising desire to empower and support them in everything we do. Since our first store opened in 1978 and still to this day with over 280 stores across 37 states nationwide, we strive to offer a piece of the American spirit. Boot Barn’s culture reflects our homegrown western roots fueled by hard work and dedication. We are rustic, eclectic, unexpected, and modern. We are your favorite pair of trusted jeans during a long day of work, and the boots you get married in. For some we are a store. For others we are home. But for all we are a lifestyle.

Our Family Tree

Life should be lived with endless possibilities, so should your career.

Together, We Are Boot Barn

From our teams at the Store Support Centers to our crews at the Distribution Centers, we all work as a united front to get top quality products to our online customers and Retail locations. Our experts in the stores use their outstanding customer service and product knowledge to help customers find exactly what they are looking for, and more!

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